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 We are dropped into an established menage relationship between Wallis, Austin and Michael. Wallis is stuck at home nursing broken bones and gunshots while her men are chasing a serial killer. A really creepy one too. With shades of “Rear Window” playing in my mind, Wallis is getting vibes from her new renter across the street. Will she make the connection before it’s too late?

The things that Theo, the creepy renter, did made my skin crawl. Literally. The author did a good job painting him as a tightly wound ball of disaster just waiting to explode. Wallis, with her trash mouth and naughty relationship with her men, was a perfect focus for Theo. We are treated to post-absence sex between Wallis and her men as well as a little naughty experimentation that I didn’t expect between Austin and Michael. The mystery played the biggest part for me, the sex more of an afterthought since the author did such a good job pulling me into the pathology of the serial killer. A good read.

Happy Reading,


The Night Owl Reviews Team

WEtap Media, LLC

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Book Four - Above The Law - February 2013 Review


Men of Sanctuary 4: Above the Law

Author: Danica St. Como

Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing

Reviewer: Silla Beaumont

Rating: 4 Stars

Heat Level: O (Orgasmic)

     Deputy Joe Collins is stunned when he walks in on his best friend Abigail O’Connell riding the hell out of delectable Security Expert Glennon Garrett. He knew Game Warden Abigail had been abstinent for nearly as long as him, and they both had agreed to keep their relationship on a strict “friends only” basis, so seeing them together was quite a shock.

     Though Glennon has returned to Maine to see if a relationship would work with Abigail, he’s unprepared for the strength of his attraction to the buff and beautiful deputy. When Abigail invites Joe over for some drinks with her and Glennon, they prove the old song true…tequila really DOES make her clothes fall off! In the light of day, Abigail is forced to admit to herself that the guys were definitely more into each other than her. Alpha males to the core, Joe and Glennon struggle to come to terms with their attraction to one another and where do all three of them go from here....

For the full review, go to:

In the News: Books One, Two, & Three of The Men of Sanctuary Series are Nos. 5, 6, & 7 on the Noble Romance Top Seller List for August 29, 2012.

"The third The Men of Sanctuary series book, Bombshell, takes us into the world of home-grown terrorism that ends up in a sleepy town in Maine. I have to give the author kudos for the amount of research she has done to make this book a spine-tingling suspense story. There were a lot of times that I waited with bated breath for a resolution and was pleasantly surprised. I also give kudos to Ms. St. Como for some of her explanations because they are all too true . . . ."

For the complete review, click on:

n the News: Books One, Two, & Three of The Men of Sanctuary Series

are Nos. 5, 6, & 7 on the Noble Romance Top Seller List for August 29, 2012.

A Strength of Arms, Hunting April, & Bombshell.

HuntingAprilBanner Banner art by Fiona Jayde

New Noble Reader review: Hot and romantic!

Daniel and April's story is exciting and romantic. . .

A great addition to the series!


For the full review:

All Romance eBooks

4 Flames Heat Index - Recommended Read!

The Reader's Roundtable After Dark ~ Mar's Review

Forced to recover from injuries in a cabin with two sexy ex-Marines doesn’t sound like it would be too bad! Lorelei is one tough cookie herself. She is a CIA special agent who finds getting special treatment from her two Macho rescuers isn’t half bad.

Ms. St. Como’s writing style is fun and gets you into the action from page one. Her characters are strongly developed and the reader is allowed inside their thoughts giving them an added depth that truly brings them to life.

While Lorelei is a strong woman, her feminine side is revealed through realistic plot and dialogue. Action filled from page one, A Strength of Arms, is for anyone who loves menages with sexy men, a believable heroine, and a plot that really grabs your interest. I will definitely be looking for more from this delightful author.

Rated 4 Gold Crowns by Mar!

August 24, 2011

* * * * * * * * * *

literarynymphs logo Review by Literary Nymphs

Literary Nymphs Reviews Only

Lorelei is looking for a mole, in addition to getting a flash drive to a contact, in the State Department. Someone tries to kill her but Lucian and Adam end up saving her life.

A Strength of Arms is a very fast paced interesting story that kept my attention all the way through. In fact, I could not put it down. Lucian and Adam are retired Marines that have created a sanctuary for themselves. Lorelei hits both men between the eyes, leaving them a little confused because both want her forever. This book showcased some of the problems that people in highly classified jobs have when dealing with someone not directly involved in the same kind of work force. The mistrust that abounds is so true. It was fun watching how they learn to rely on each other.

The chemistry between the three is hot, so keep ice on hand. All three learn to deal with some unfamiliar feelings. Though some of the suspense is solved, there are some more immediate questions that need to be answered about who and why someone is selling secrets. The author left enough of these questions open that I cannot wait for the next book in The Men of Sanctuary series.

Posted by Literary Nymphs at 7:43 AM, July 15, 2011

OFFICIAL The Romance Review REVIEW

* * * * * 5 STARS out of 5 * * * * *

Book Reviewed by Rebecca (reviewer) [ Review Posted: Aug 06, 2011 ] 

A STRENGTH OF ARMS is a page-turner. It can't get hotter than two sexy alpha men with hearts of gold falling for the same woman. That's just what happens in A STRENGTH OF ARMS when heroine Lorelei Randall, CIA special agent, is in a car crash while on a covert mission that goes wrong. She's found by a retired Marine scout-sniper team with no memory of how she came to be at Sanctuary, a reclusive training camp in western Maine.

As the men try to uncover the mystery of her crash while nursing her back to health, the pages ignite with desire. Lorelei finds herself becoming more and more attracted to her rescuers – dark and brooding Adam Stone and his handsome, sweet partner Lucian Duquesne. Lorelei's devotion to her duty as a special agent becomes difficult when she'd like nothing more than to give in to her growing attraction toward the men. She is falling for them both – truly complementary in every way – and is conflicted by her feelings. Not your average weak-kneed heroine, Lorelei's drive is similar to the men, having the hunting skills and weapon handling that goes along with it. She truly is perfect for them - a strong woman for two equally strong men.

Adam and Lucian are no strangers to ménage. They have swapped lovers before but have never actually shared the same woman. As best friends, nearly brothers, their rapport is fun with dialogue that gives readers a sense of their camaraderie. Now both men want to fulfill her fantasies, but are equally determined to take out the threat that tried to kill the woman they are falling for. The sex is abundant – and delicious – and though the romance takes front row, it is the continued suspense surrounding the cause of the car crash that keeps readers on the edge. The story is compelling – readers will not want to put it down once they start reading.

Truly a delicious read. I'll take a serving of Adam with a side of Lucian. Yum.

* * * * * * * * * *

A Strength of Arms

4 Flames Heat Index from All Romance eBooks!

ARe Recommends A Strength of Arms

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nightowl review banner

nightowl top pick review


Score: 4.50 / 5 - Reviewer Top Pick


Not your average back road traveler, Special Agent Lorelei Randall is in for some major life changes. After someone shoots out her tire and sends her over a cliff, she finds herself waking up in a gorgeous man’s bed. And that gorgeous man has a gorgeous friend. Seems she got lucky when the two former Marines found her and brought her back to their training camp to recover. And since retired don’t mean dead, they make it their mission to find out who Lorelei is, who is trying to kill her, and what her mission was. All for her own good. Did the fact that this is all taking place in the wild’s of Maine get mentioned? Who lives out here on purpose?

Adam and Lucian have been friends for almost forever. Closer than brothers, they are two sides of the same coin. One light, one dark. One somber, one carefree. On the surface. Underneath they are both hard soldiers who’ve seen more than a man should and decide to do something meaningful with the rest of their lives. When Lorelei shows up, it’s like a missing puzzle piece has fallen into place. Now they just have to figure out how to make three people work in a relationship. And keep Lorelei alive.

Yummy! I want me some Adam and Lucian too! Lucian is the perfect foil for Adam. Or vice versa. What one lacks the other provides, so it only makes sense they would both fall for Lorelei. Not your average woman, she is just like them and understands their moods and shares their love of the hunt and the weaponry that goes with it. Sex was plentiful and over-the-top hot with the added bonus of no angst or guilt ravaging the heroine. She wanted both and she took them. So there. The guys had a little more soul-searching to do but their bond held true. I loved the witty repartee between the primary characters as well as the secondary characters. Since this is book 1 there will be more for sure, and I look forward to them.

Happy Reading,


The Night Owl Reviews Team

WEtap Media, LLC

2459 SE TV HWY, #153

Hillsboro, Oregon 97123

* * * * * * * * * *

Coffee Time Review Review by Coffee Time


Book #1 of the Men of Sanctuary Series


ISBN#: 9781605923161Noble Romance Publishing



170 Pages

Erotic Ménage

Rating: 3 Cups

May 2011

Special Agent Lorelei Randall did not expect to find herself at a place called Sanctuary. After a horrible car accident she wakes up with no memory of how she came to crash and she is not certain if she can trust her two “rescuers”.

Adam Stone, a former sniper, is used to giving orders. He also is suspicious of Lorelei as her supposed memory loss is very convenient.

Lucian Duquesne has been friends with Adam since they were in grade school together, and he was Adam’s scout-spotter in the Marines. He is the less serious of the two and wants nothing more than to play with the sexy woman who arrived on their land with a bang.

Lorelei quickly comes to the conclusion that Adam and Lucian can be trusted, but she still tries to keep her Intel on the down-low. As the hours turn to days, the marines realize they share a passion for Lorelei unlike anything either has felt before. As the eroticism heats up, the three warriors delve into a world full of passionate trysts in a ménage relationship. But even as their passion begins to turn to something deeper, Lorelei understands that unless she can solve the mystery of who is trying to kill her, she will always be looking back for the person responsible for her near fatal accident.

A Strength of Arms is a very sexy read. I love how Lucian’s joker personality offsets Adam’s more serious nature. Lorelei herself comes across as a woman warrior who is used to being in the thick of danger. . . . The storyline, danger, passion, and mystery were fantastic . . . . Danica St. Como has started a new series that has caught my interest and I cannot wait to see who will be up next in The Men of Sanctuary Series.


Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More


* * * * * * * * * *

Reader reviews:

Noble Valentines logo

In Her Lover's Arms

5 Stars - Blazing erotic historical!

Pros: Very emotional story of two people who have been cruelly separated. Your heart aches for the lovers and you want them to get together. Samuel's honor makes him want to resist Elizabeth's advances, but she is a woman who knows what she wants--and she wants him! Very erotic love scenes!

Con: Lovers kept apart by psycho husband!

Other Thoughts: Emotional and touching story, with some very enlightening historical information. No wonder so many ladies visited Dr. Kincaid's office!

A Strength of Arms

5 Stars - Great story!

Pros: Adam and Lucian are two guys any woman would love to be with! They are very different types, but both are loveable and strong. Lorelei is a kick-ass character who stands up for herself and gives the guys a run for their money!

Cons: I can't wait for the next book in the series!

Other Thoughts: Lots of great emotion, super-hot sex and adventure! I want these two guys for myself!