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In Her Lovers Arms Banner

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From Danica St. Como

An Erotic Historical Romance

In Her Lover's Arms

(Cover Design by Fiona Jayde)

In Her Lovers Arm cover

Bristol, England - 1889

Elizabeth Lancaster Logan has one simple request for Dr. Samuel Kincaid: to cuckold her husband. For Samuel to take her to his bed, to be her lover, to give her a child -- Samuel's child.

   Five years earlier, desperately in love, Elizabeth and Samuel were cruelly forced apart by the sadistic plotting of Joshua Logan, their childhood companion and one-time friend. Crushed by what he believed was Elizabeth's heartless refusal of his marriage proposal, a devastated Samuel flees to pursue his medical degree.

   When Samuel's studies take him to the Orient, Elizabeth abandons all hope. To hush the ticking of her biological clock, she agrees to marry Logan -- unaware that the impotent psychopath is the sole reason for her despair.

   Samuel's sudden return triggers lost love and burning sexual desires. More than life itself, what Elizabeth desires most is to be . . . in her lover's arms.

(Warning ~ This Book Contains Sexually Explicit Scenes Described in Graphic Detail)

In Her Lover's Arms



Bristol, England—1889

The passenger hid in the shadow of the compartment of the Brougham cab parked at the corner near the south side of Queen Square. Her eyes focused on the entrance to the brick townhouse at number five. The cab driver was well paid for his time. His matched pair of chestnut horses stood patiently in the ever-growing shade of the building for the better part of two hours. She was sure the respite from the sun pleased all concerned.

She observed the women as they came and went. The elite of Bristol, women familiar to her. After a time, she knocked twice on the front wall of the carriage compartment with her slender walking stick. At the prearranged signal, the driver lifted the reins and chirruped quietly to his horses. They moved off without fanfare.

So, it is true. You are home at last. Damn you.

Chapter One

From the moment Samuel Kincaid stepped out of his family's Landau carriage to attend Lord Carver's ball, back-slappers and hand-shakers and well-wishers accosted him. He had more fine cigars thrust upon him than he could possibly smoke in a lifetime.

Such attentions were at first most agreeable after his absence of five years, but after a time, Samuel felt somewhat overwhelmed by the endless salutations of, "Welcome home, Kincaid, my boy, your father must be proud."

Pinching a snifter of brandy, he escaped—albeit at a leisurely stroll—through the wide rear doors, down the broad terrace, and to the nearest garden. Lighted oil lamps hanging by chains from tall, wrought iron poles facilitated his enjoyment of the evening.

Kincaid arranged himself comfortably on a cushioned chaise near the fountain, stretching out his long body. The geysered water splashed into the pool, the resonance soothing. The recollection unbidden, the sounds evoked an image of the last time he'd been in such a garden. His mood dimmed, but at the same instant, his flesh stiffened at the memory.

An unnatural noise amidst the natural sounds jarred Samuel's mind from wandering the past. He rose to seek the source.

On the far side of the nearest hedgerow, a woman sat on a low, stone wall. Pale golden hair trimmed with strings of pearls shimmered in the lamplight, as did the silver trim on her magnificent blue gown. He determined the young lady was obviously distressed, as she was sobbing softly.

Samuel could not see her face hidden in her slender hands. He cleared his throat genteelly to announce his presence, and then handed her a fresh handkerchief.

"Oh dear, I am so sorry." Discomfited, she turned away to blot the tears. She sniffled, and finally looked up at him.

"Sir, I beg your forgiveness for spoiling your pleasure of the garden." She met his gaze. "Can it be? Mr. Kincaid, is it truly you?"

The young woman gained her feet and grasped both his hands in hers. "I can hardly believe it, but I am most gratified you are here. All have missed you so, especially your dear mother." In her excitement, she hugged him and then stepped back, flustered and somewhat embarrassed by her display of affection toward an unmarried gentleman.

Samuel took her hands, spreading them up and out. "Emma, let me look at you, all grown and such a beauty! Although I dare say, I must call you Lady Carver now." He leaned forward and kissed each of her hands.

He gestured for her to seat herself. She did so, carefully arranging her gown. "In so intimate and private a setting, please, do call me Emma."

"Then, my dear Emma, it is so good to see you. I missed your presence indoors, although I did converse with Carver. I came to your lovely garden for a bit of air."

"You must think me a silly goose."

"If you be a goose, you are quite the loveliest of geese. Tell me what distresses you so. Perhaps I may provide some small assistance."

"It is nothing, really. I should take my medicine, but if I do, then I will sleep and miss the ball. Instead, I am here in the garden, being incredibly foolish and still missing the ball."

Samuel raised an eyebrow. "Which medicine, and for what, exactly?"

She looked away.

"Emma, in the unlikely event you did not hear the news, I am now Doctor Kincaid. According to the professors at Eaton, I am a learned and trained physician of medicine, complete with all the Latin nomenclature, which accompanies such. Put aside the knowledge that I am first and foremost your friend, and tell the good doctor what troubles you."

"I suppose it shall not cause harm to say, although I am much embarrassed."

Emma gave a small sigh. "Doctor Peabody believes I suffer from a woman's difficulty and prescribed laudanum. All I do is sleep for hours and hours after taking the dose, and I so wanted to attend the ball." She sniffled again, and dabbed delicately at her pert nose.

Samuel stood next to Emma. He waited until she snuffled again, collected herself, sat straighter, and took a deep breath. He brought the snifter of brandy from where he'd placed it on the wall, and offered it to her.

"Brandy. It will help."

Emma drank bravely, made a face, and handed the snifter back.

"Doctor Peabody said it is the female problem, acute hysteria." At the admission, she broke down and cried.

Samuel moved closer and patted her shoulder. He waited with great patience until the crying subsided.

"Emma, listen to me carefully. Come to my office at number five Queen Square at your convenience. We shall discuss your situation and decide how to attend to the difficulty. Carver will believe he has a new wife, without the need for drugs. Can you manage to do that?"

"Oh, Doctor Kincaid, do you really believe you may help me?"

"Yes, if you will allow me to assist. Can you do that?"

Emma was quiet for a brief moment, then nodded. "Y-yes."

Samuel took her hand gently and kissed the back of her knuckles. "Visit me soonest."

He watched as Emma composed herself once again, but then it seemed to him she was hesitant to speak.

"Doctor Kincaid . . . ."

"Yes, Emma, what is it?"

"Did your family write to you? Were you told of the marriage?"

Samuel didn't need to ask which marriage.

"Yes. I was told." He bowed, turned stiffly, and returned to the house.

(Warning ~ This Book Contains Sexually Explicit Scenes Described in Graphic Detail)

All contents copyright of the Author, and cannot be used without her explicit permission.